CodeFest 2021
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CodeFest is a community of students, fighting for a better future through computer science!

Calling all innovative programmers, designers, and developers! TechCodes is proud to announce its very own 24-hour virtual hackathon: CodeFest! This event will take place virtually on March 14th, 17th, and 20th with the theme being Humanitarian Issues! Everyone is welcome! CodeFest will allow creative individuals with any background or experience in coding to take part in thought-provoking challenges, work with like-minded and diverse groups of people, as well as have the ability to win up to thousands of dollars in prizes!

CodeFest Schedule:
Day 1 | March 14th, 10 AM - 8PM EST
10 AM-12PM | Opening Ceremony
12-2PM | Hack Time!
2-3PM | Lunch!
3-4PM | EchoAR Workshop
4-7PM | Hack Time!
7-8PM | Game Night!

Day 2 | March 17th, 4PM - 8PM EST
4-5PM | Keynote Speaker #1 - MacKenzie Fisher
5-6PM | Artificial Intelligence Workshop
6-7PM | Keynote Speaker #2 - Chris Sean
7-8PM | Web Development Workshop

Day 3 | March 20th, 10AM - 8PM EST
10-11:30AM | Opening Ceremony
12-1PM | Jacob Thomas, Game Developer
1-2PM | Game Development Workshop
2:30PM | Deadline for All Projects on Devpost
3-6PM | Presentations & Judging
6-7PM | Closing Ceremony
7-8PM | Movie Night

1st Place:
$260 Visa Gift Card, Wolfram | One Person Edition, Wolfram | Alpha Pro, 1Password Membership, Hacker Plan, $50 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place:
$160 Vist Gift Card, 1Password Membership, Hacker Plan

3rd Place:
$95 Visa Gift Card, Hacker Plan

AirPods + 24 Premium Months of Framer

Guest Speakers:
MacKenzie Fisher, Director of Partnerships at Encode Justice
Chris Sean, Web Developer and Youtuber
Jacob Thomas, Game Developer for Insomniac Games

Encode Justice, AI Workshop
Matthieu DeRobles, Game Development Workshop
Calvin To, Web Development

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