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Addressing equity and equality issues in STEM at the source.

TechCodes is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity in STEM to the next generation of programmers, engineers, and leaders.

Founded in June 2020, TechCodes made it their mission to provide excellent CS education to all students across the globe, no matter their race, gender, or country of origin. It is no surprise that there is an extreme level of untapped potential and talent due to the inequity and lack of access surrounded around STEM opportunities to marginalized and disadvantaged populations. Hence, TechCodes proposed that to truly equip the next generation with the tools and skills needed to create innovative and durable solutions in the modern world, we must build in systems and practices that ensure all students have access to quality CS education.

we do

We’re addressing these issues at their roots, by focusing on young students and offering educational opportunities in computer science in their middle school and high school years. Everything we do is cost-free, making it accessible for every student.

Our approach

We utilize a peer-mentorship model wherein college and high school students volunteer and teach middle school students in workshop form. Once the students graduate to high school, we offer them a multitude of opportunities to continue their growth.

Meet the team

Making it happen

Our hardworking executive team. The hearts, minds, and souls behind the TechCodes organization changing the face of STEM.

Chanul Dandeniya

Kyrylo Orlov

Helen Chen

Kevin Chen

Dashiell Elliott

Nirjhor Nath

Kateri Ngo

Santiago Vira

Brittany Sun

Owen Jiang

Sonia Chen

Imran Siraj

Samin Faiaz

Hao Teng

Vernice Cheng

Shakibul Alam

Priyam Shah

Serena Yung

Ryan Bernstein

Ryan Bernstein

Cullen Anderson

Cullen Anderson
TechCodes Exec Team at Swag Table